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The Remy Group NYC, Inc. specializes in the construction and renovation of commerical and residential projects ranging from new home construction, full gut renovations, restorations and rehabilitation's of residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional building exteriors and interiors to high-end executive and residential spaces. With over 25 years in the field of construction dealing with major clients has provided us with a versatile creativeness and invaluable knowledge of our profession.


We have performed the following services for our clients:


  • Full gut renovations

  • New home construction

  • Build and/or renovation of kitchens

  • Build and/or renovation of bathrooms

  • Historic restorations

  • Remodeling and conversions of basements

  • Offices

  • Design and build when requested


We have extensive experience working on brownstones, condominium and cooperative complexes as well as new homes and offices.


At The Remy Group NYC we are dedicated to ensuring that you are satisfied with our work and are always accessible to you during the entire project.

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